Type List
List of valid values for the Type key, roughly categorized

HVAC Types

    Temperature: the current temperature reading at the thermostat
    Relative Humidity: the current relative humidity reading at the thermostat
    Heating Setpoint: the current heating setpoint
    Cooling Setpoint: the current cooling setpoint
    Override: whether or not the thermostat is in override mode
    Mode: which mode the thermostat is in (this is the policy, not what the thermostat is currently doing)
    State: which state the thermostat is in (this is what action the thermostat is performing)
    Fan: whether or not the thermostat has the fan enabled

Lighting Types

    State: whether the light is on or off
    Brightness: the brightness of the light
    Color: the color of the light

Electrical Types

    Voltage: the measured voltage
    Current: the measured current
    Power: the measured power
    Apparent Power: the measured apparent power

Sensor Types

    Relative Humidity
    Carbon Dioxide
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