Example: XBOS Thermostat Interface

Here we expand the XBOS thermostat interface into a tabular form, and explore the URIs and messages and PO nums and permissions involved.

For this example, we will assume the following:

  • we are using a Venstar thermostat (with its corresponding driver), so we will see its service name, s.venstar
  • the base URI of the driver is myhome/devices
  • the Venstar driver exposes a single instance of a thermostat that we call "Kitchen"
  • this instance exposes the standard XBOS thermostat interface (i.xbos.thermostat)


Properties are the names to be used in the messages published and consumed on the URIs of this driver. These properties will be referenced in the Messages section below

Name Type Description Units Required
temperature double Current temperature reading at the thermostat Fahrenheit true
relative_humidity double Current relative humidity reading at the thermostat Percent false
heating_setpoint double Current heating setpoint Fahrenheit true
cooling_setpoint double Current cooling setpoint Fahrenheit true
override boolean Override state of the thermostat. If the thermostat is in override mode, it will not follow its programmed schedule. true
fan boolean Fan state of the thermostat false
mode integer The current operating policy of the thermostat true
state integer The current state of the thermostat true


Put a table of signal/slot URIs here and what's on those

The signals and slots (and associated properties) for our deployed thermostat are:

  • myhome/devices/s.venstar/Kitchen/i.xbos.thermostat/signal/info
    • temperature
    • relative_humidity
    • heating_setpoint
    • cooling_setpoint
    • override
    • fan
    • mode
    • state
  • myhome/devices/s.venstar/Kitchen/i.xbos.thermostat/slot/setpoints
    • heating_setpoint
    • cooling_setpoint
  • myhome/devices/s.venstar/Kitchen/i.xbos.thermostat/slot/state
    • heating_setpoint
    • cooling_setpoint
    • override
    • mode
    • fan


The contents of the messages published on the above URIs are determined by the properties we want to include in those interfaces.

All of these payload objects use the PO num, as specified in the XBOS thermostat interface file.

A sample message published on the info signal would be the msgpack-serialized form of

    "temperature": 71.1,
    "relative_humidity": 48.9,
    "heating_setpoint": 70,
    "cooling_setpoint": 82,
    "override": 0,
    "fan": 0,
    "mode": 3,
    "state": 0

To actuate the heating setpoint, we would send the following message (serialized as msgpack) to either the setpoints or state signal (depending on what we have permission to do)

    "heating_setpoint": 80

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