XBOS Thermostat

Interface: i.xbos.thermostat

Description: Standard XBOS thermostat interface



Name Type Description Units Required
cooling_setpoint double Current cooling setpoint Fahrenheit true
enabled_cool_stages integer The number of cooling stages currently enabled for the thermostat stages false
enabled_heat_stages integer The number of heating stages currently enabled for the thermostat stages false
fan_mode integer Fan mode of the thermostat 1 = auto, 2 = on, 3 = schedule/auto true
fan_state boolean Fan state of the thermostat on/off false
heating_setpoint double Current heating setpoint Fahrenheit true
mode integer The current operating policy of the thermostat mode true
override boolean Override state of the thermostat. If the thermostat is in override mode, it will not follow its programmed schedule. on/off true
relative_humidity double Current relative humidity reading at the thermostat Percent false
state integer The current state of the thermostat state true
temperature double Current temperature reading at the thermostat Fahrenheit true
time integer nanoseconds since the Unix epoch ns false


  • info:
    • temperature
    • relative_humidity
    • heating_setpoint
    • cooling_setpoint
    • override
    • fan_state
    • fan_mode
    • mode
    • state
    • enabled_heat_stages
    • enabled_cool_stages
    • time


  • setpoints:

    • heating_setpoint
    • cooling_setpoint
  • stages:

    • enabled_heat_stages
    • enabled_cool_stages
  • state:

    • heating_setpoint
    • cooling_setpoint
    • override
    • mode
    • fan_mode

Interfacing in Go

package main

import (
    bw2 "gopkg.in/immesys/bw2bind.v5"

func main() {
    client := bw2.ConnectOrExit("")

    base_uri := "Thermostat uri goes here ending in i.xbos.thermostat"

    // subscribe
    type signal struct {
        Temperature         float64 `msgpack:"temperature"`
        Relative_humidity   float64 `msgpack:"relative_humidity"`
        Heating_setpoint    float64 `msgpack:"heating_setpoint"`
        Cooling_setpoint    float64 `msgpack:"cooling_setpoint"`
        Override            bool    `msgpack:"override"`
        Fan_state           bool    `msgpack:"fan_state"`
        Fan_mode            int64   `msgpack:"fan_mode"`
        Mode                int64   `msgpack:"mode"`
        State               int64   `msgpack:"state"`
        Enabled_heat_stages int64   `msgpack:"enabled_heat_stages"`
        Enabled_cool_stages int64   `msgpack:"enabled_cool_stages"`
        Time                int64   `msgpack:"time"`
    c, err := client.Subscribe(&bw2.SubscribeParams{
        URI: base_uri + "/signal/info",
    if err != nil {

    for msg := range c {
        var current_state signal
        po := msg.GetOnePODF("")
        err := po.(bw2.MsgPackPayloadObject).ValueInto(&current_state)
        if err != nil {
        } else {

Interfacing in Python

import time
import msgpack

from bw2python.bwtypes import PayloadObject
from bw2python.client import Client

bw_client = Client()

def onMessage(bw_message):
  for po in bw_message.payload_objects:
    if po.type_dotted == (2,1,1,0):
      print msgpack.unpackb(po.content)

bw_client.subscribe("Thermostat uri ending in i.xbos.thermostat/signal/info", onMessage)

print "Subscribing. Ctrl-C to quit."
while True:

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